Pilates Wunda Machine

The most basic of these machines is the Pilates Wunda machine. It is very different from the Reformer and Cadillac because of its size and the type of work out that is offers people. The others machines are designed to work out the arms, legs, and abdominal muscles so that you are getting a total body workout.

The Wunda machine is designed to work out only the legs and thighs. It is much easier to use then the traditional weight machines and will give you the work out you are looking for without straining your muscles, tendons, or joints. Pilates Wunda Machine

Many people who have injuries in their knees or other parts of their legs do not have the ability to use simple treadmills or an elliptical let alone a weight machine. However, with the Wumba machine they are given this option once again and have a safe and effective way at working out and trying to lose weight.

Another great advantage to this machine is how small it is. It is much easier to fit this Pilates machine into any room in your home. Trying to fit the six foot Cadillac machine is almost impossible and the Reformer is still quite large for a normal sized room. While this machine is smaller though it will allow you to do other Pilates exercises by readjusting the apparatus.

The Pilates Wunda machine will cost you a great deal less then purchasing any other machine. To know how to effectively use this and to get the best workout you can purchase instructional DVDs that will cost you as little as $30.